Album Review : ART “Planet Zero”

Album Review : ART “Planet Zero”

Band: ART
Album: Planet Zero
By: Dude Diablo


We all have to start thinking big picture just like ART does. I’m not talking global here, I’m talking universally intergalactic. Listening to their music is like hearing lightyears beyond skyscrapers. I have no doubt that these guys will not only conquer planet Earth, with their musical offering Planet Zero, but carve out new markets on other planets as well. Seem too far fetched? Maybe not, I doubt that earthlings are the first & only cluster of beings to ever discover the wheel. Listening to Planet Zero makes me think that maybe, just maybe, investors from other solar systems are searching the universe for under valued assets like ART. Therefore, I suspect Earth might make it to their art & real estate agents’ Top 10 hit list. If some can have homes in Rome, LA, Paris, Tokyo & Berlin why not on other planets also. What else do the 1% have to spend their money on? Let’s think outside the box & call the planet of serious investor interest Planet Zero, for arguments sake.

ART is a memorably melodic, 5 piece progressive rock band based in Bologna, Italy & Planet Zero is their first album, an album that delivers 9 genuine, electrically charged original compositions. The group is Denis Borgatti on Vox & Piano, Enrico Lorenzini behind Keys, with Diego Quarantotto strapped to his Bass, Fabio Tomba spinning Precusssion & Drums & Roberto Minozzi the axeman. Together, this quintet creates very powerful music. ART is signed to SlipTrick Records.

Now, anyone who is even remotely conscious understands, that a lot can be gleaned about Earth, from outer space. With just the click of a mouse, a quick digital camera orbit of our fair planet will reveal to all alien art & real estate agents, that Italy just might be the parcel of land that seals the deal. I mean the country’s magnificent estates, dazzling cars and the arm jewelry they attract plus the great food & wines, would surely do it. But when you throw in ART, its done right!!! But the big fly in the proverbial ointment here on Earth is first impressions & let’s assume its the same on other life giving planets. We know for a fact that alien art & real estate agents won’t be landing at Leonardo da Vinci Airport via commercial flights but might just rent a car there, as they travel incognito, as variable needles in a haystack. So when these alien cards flip their car radios to on, they are likely to get jolted with the same voltage delivered by an upscale version of Leavenworth’s electric chair. The music that beams out of Earth’s terrestrial radio stations, generally speaking, is much more than very concerning to sane humans, alien visitors & all breeds of domesticated dogs. Its totally SHOCKING!!! If I was a paranoid, I might think that the Big Drug Companies are behind commercial radio because their studies would prove that listening to grizzly radio causes depression & therefore the popping of happy pills, which in turn increases their bottom lines. Thankfully, we have the 365 Radio Network & if space aliens have made it to our earthly shores for investment purposes, then I’m totally confident that they know about 365 Radio, have internet access & therefore are here for ART.

I’ll sum up the band’s music this way. It is something that Ludwig van Beethoven would feel with great intensity, even in his fading years. They are pop, rock but first and foremost, melodically progressive. If a band’s music can make their listeners tap their feet, you got something. ART delivers driving melodies that made my feet tap like a 1930’s Broadway tap dancer auditioning for their first big break. Their vocal arrangements are gripping, just listen to ‘Scarecrow’ & the breakaway solo that emphasizes that grip. ‘Perfect Time’ slaps down a melody & chorus that drives my point home, so says my feet. No wonder Big Drug Co want to cure depression with pills by supporting commercial radio. Piping the upbeat ‘Perfect Time’ into all drug store chains would put a lot of them out of business. Now, I’m kidding of course & swear I’m not paranoid. This band is a fun band & must be killer to see live. Just listen to ‘Four Colors’. Anyone who says rock is dead has definitely made one too many model airplanes as a child & ART proves it. I rest my case. You can hear for yourself by tuning into the 365 Radio Network.

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