Album Review: Armada “Of An Ocean”

Band: Armada
Album: Of An Ocean
By: M. Loop


Armada is a death metal/melodic metal band out of Orlando, Florida.

Their music represents the state of Florida well in so much as they balance very pretty chorus sing along melodies (Disney World) and ripping death metal vocals (Hurricanes).

Their backing tracks feature coordinated rhythm stabs as in the end of “Carousel” which really grab your attention.
They also incorporate cool time manipulation of the death vocals when they staccato out on “Bury The Wolf”.

“Like An Anchor” has a vicious, ripping backing track.

“Wake me Up” comes out of the chute with a great bending guitar riff and wanting to rip your head off vocally. They are reminiscent of Disturbed, Mastodon and Limp Bizkit.

Tee Jay and Ryan Danley on guitars, Mike Ferrell on bass and Josh Lough on drums are tremendous musicians, just killing it on each and every tune.

The band tracks are a serious highlight on this album.

If Jerimiah James is performing both the death metal vocals as well as the harmony vocals and straight ahead vocals throughout the album, he comes locked and loaded.

That is some serious skill and tremendous commitment to putting it all out there on every song.

If you are a fan of death metal combined with sing along choruses you will enjoy this fine album by Armada.

Jerimiah James – Vox
Tee Jay – Guitar
Yan Danley – Guitar
Mike Ferrell – Bass
Josh Lough – Drums

Small Bio :

Armada is a super group of musicians from previous bands whom fought kicking and screaming through the music industry.
The sound of the group matures in the mileage of experience collected in each member through the years.
Formed together to aggressively push back at everything, A form of musical anarchy in a way.
The music is tough, heavy, loud, aggressive, raw, and the performance of each member every night is even more breathless in a form of sweat, blood, and tears coming from the most honest and truthful form in themselves.
It cant get any more real than Armada.

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