Album Review : Adna “Closure”

Band: Adna
Album: Closure
By: Dude Diablo

Adna Closure Cover

“Hide overthinking now, if thoughts leave someones closure soaked.” = Closure

Every time I open an email asking me to review an artist’s music, I know I’m in for a pleasant surprise.
But it was just crazy this time, when I played the title track on Adna’s latest CD, I really wasn’t expecting to be blown so far away.
Her intriguing intro for ‘Closure’ was a set up that captured me. Yes…..a brilliant, blindsiding set up that left me stranded like a deer in the headlights.
Adna’s voice, her voice instantly grabbed me with a super human force that sent chills down my spine.
Mesmerized, all I could do was press replay over and over and over again.
I shivered as her voice sent chills down my spine, knowing that I was listening to an artist, true in every sense of the word, powerful and in total control, an artist unafraid to unleash the thrust of her inner self and with the confidence to bare her soul.
If hearing ‘Closure’ doesn’t send chills down your spine, you are either in a coma & on life support or more likely lying stone cold dead on a slab of marbled ice in an Arctic morgue reserved for the definitely dead.

Hey man, I thought that the worm was turning around 7 years ago, when I first saw this killer guitar player rip the cover off the ball at the Whisky a Go-Go on LA’s Sunset Strip.
At the time, the main game in town was the raving dance scene but thankfully not everyone thought it had a bottomless pit of endurance.
What I mean is, sure the internet upset music’s apple cart but the majority of music executives forgot that with each massive disruption comes both opportunity and destruction.
Enter ‘Despotz Records’, headquartered in Stockholm, a stone’s throw away from Adna’s home town.
Founded in 2006, this forward thinking label has assembled a chunk of music space that the majority of music businesses have abandoned, the talented live performer.
Rather than embrace the “throw them to the lions” mentality, the new normal for artist development, the mavericks at ‘Despotz’ give their artists enough rope to make it to the kitchen drawer to cut themselves loose.

In 2012, this eclectic Swedish label released Adna’s self-titled EP. For her, working with ‘Despotz Records’ has meant many things.
It has meant performing high profile events like Speak Truth to Power Human Rights held in 2013 at the Swedish Royal Theatre Stage and also standing on the same stage with high profile human rights advocates Martin Sheen & Kerry Kennedy supporting humanities’ quest for human rights.
It has meant that ‘Night’ (2014), Adna’s first full length CD plus her second ‘Run Lucifer’ (2015) have received over 30,000,000 streams, TV sync placements, coverage in major music magazines and airplay on major radio stations.
It has also meant that since 2015, the artist has been on a serious tear. She moved to Berlin, released ‘Run Lucifer’, toured Europe, then released a live EP to commemorate her first tour.
The icing on the cake: In her Berlin apartment she wrote, performed, produced and recorded ‘Closure’, her third CD. It is now 2017 and her latest recording is awakening the global airwaves.
You can hear Adna’s most recent musical masterpieces right here on the 365 Radio Network.

***’Closure’ (CD) will be available March 17, 2017, some singles available now

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