Album Review : Achiote “Loneliness Of Endless Days”

Band: Achiote
Album: Loneliness Of Endless Days
By: M. Loop

Achiote Loneliness

Excellent dynamics and extreme creativity are everywhere on “Loneliness Of Endless Days” by Finnish metal band Achiote. I really enjoyed this album. I read on line that the band had a lot internal turmoil during the making of this “difficult” second album. As we have learned from the history of rock, turmoil often brings out emotional depth and that certainly is the case with this fine album. There is a powerful sadness and redemption theme throughout the album. For a band that considers itself metal, they have a graceful take on the genre, more melodic and creative than heavy. It is a very appealing direction.

Every member of the band is outstanding on their instrument. Janne Salminiemi sings from the pain inside and churns a mean guitar. At times he has a vocal style reminiscent of Serj Tankian from System Of A Down. Timo Toikka on guitar has great tone and plays beautiful parts that make every song an aural adventure. Jussi Vuola on drums and vocals and Teemu Jortikka on bass are very good at propelling the music forward and also, and most important, knowing when to lay out or play simply. This increases the bludgeon effect when the band kicks in. Tuomas Riihimäki on organs and synthesizers is mixed in with care to add depth and color to the sound palette.

The title track “Loneliness Of Endless Days” is an album highlight. The song feels like a ghost crying through the mist on a moonlit night. I love when it progs out in the bridge, very cool. This is followed by the sounds of voices, guitar then synthesizer taking the song to an unexpected ending. Chances well taken!

“Alpha Nexus/Blinding Lights” opens the album with a lovely guitar melody and grows into an Opeth-like tune that sets the tone for the unexpected twists and turns of this musical adventure.

“Desert Sun” is a middle eastern flavored juggernaut and a person favorite.

“Ghost Under The Sun” has an intro to die for, followed by a powerful sing along chorus.

“Ocean Blue” jumps out of the speakers and grabs you, followed by Alice In Chains type vocal harmonies that just sounds brilliant. The song features a very well executed atmospheric guitar solo. Another album highlight.

“Seduction” opens with a dark synthesizer and is slow, ponderous and sounds like the soundtrack to a witch coven gathering.

“Whisper To A Deaf” is an interesting song title and the tune rocks hard and Janne Salminiemi really digs into this one with rough bravado.

This is an album you can listen to straight through without wanting to skip over any tunes. It is a solid work throughout. My compliments to the work put into this album in a time of difficult band circumstances. I highly recommend this album.

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