Album Review: Absolva – “Never A Good Day To Die”

Band: Absolva
Album: Never A Good Day To Die
By: M. Loop


British metal band Absolva come out guns blazing on this their third studio album “Never A Good Day To Die” and never let go for a moment.

Based on their sound and energy you can hear why they are in demand on the metal touring circuit.
You can check out their intense tour schedule at

The album is very well produced. I can hear every performance where it needs to be, mostly in your face with a fist where it belongs.

Killer vocals, Heavy Metal guitars with monster solos with great speed and technique and an earth shaking rhythm section populate this very strong album.

When ”How Black Is My Heart” kicks into double time in the second half of the song you know something special is going on. It’s a rocking slice of metal prog.

I found myself head banging to the intro of “No One Escapes” which is also a strong tune.

“Orphan Of God” is another highlight. I also enjoy the tunes when they have soothing acoustic guitar song intros followed by the thunder once the song kicks in.

Absolva is a very professional and super aggressive band. There is much to enjoy in these well written and arranged tracks.

Chris Appleton : Guitar & Lead Vocals
Luke Appleton : Guitar & Backing Vocals
Martin Mcnee : Drums
Karl Schramm : Bass & Backing Vocals

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