About Us

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The 365 Radio Network is not your average licensed internet radio station… We strive to create a network that is as unique as the artists we air and the listeners who tune in… Created by J.L. Hensley & co owner Sully McFly with the ideal to bring music to the world while at the same time getting up and coming Indie artists a chance to be heard… So when you join the 365 Radio Network… you are not only joining a powerful network that strives to bring Indie artists to the forefront but you are also joining a family… where it is our passion to bring others dreams to life…

The 365 Radio Network consists of the main 365 Radio Network station, Rock 365 Radio, Indie 365 Radio, Metal 365 Radio, Xtreme 365 Radio, Elite 365 Radio, Ultimate 365 Radio, WNDY Radio, Full Impact Radio, Highway Rock Radio, and Premium 365 Radio.

Midwest Broadcasting Group our sister network consists of the main Midwest Broadcasting Group station, Iron Waves Radio, Rockers Underground, Rock Invasion Radio, and Unsigned Headquarters. All stations are currently relayed and Live but relay will be released soon.

Eagle Eye Music Promotions is the official promotions company of the 365 Radio Network which operates Eagle Eye Radio. Eagle Eye Music Promotions, Eagle Eye Radio, & Sponsored Eagle Eye Bands

This makes the 365 Radio Network in conjuction with Midwest Broadcasting Group & Eagle Eye Music Promotions a total of 17 Stations strong.. Please follow all our Twitter Pages: