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<<< We are one of the largest supporters of independent music in the world with 11 internet radio stations, and the largest variety of indie music from around the globe. Tune in for the best *Live* shows streaming from Oddbody's Music Room in Dayton, Ohio and Old Crow Bar in Middletown, Ohio right here on the 365 Radio Network. Check here regularly for news on the next upcoming event. >>>         <<< Every Tuesday at 9am est catch the Local Cuts With Cubby *LIVE* with Dj Chubby. This 365 Radio Network exclusive airing show is a 3 hour show. Chubby has been doing live shows and recording for over 20 years and he is a fellow Daytonian. We are proud to have him included on our team of shows. Chubby will be throwing down the best live tracks around all taped by himself along with the best in Indie Rock. You can hear music from rock and roll, bluegrass, metal to jam bands. Chubby has you covered when it comes to a wide range of independent music and its a perfect fit for our networks. >>>         <<< Every Thursday at 12pm est (Noon) catch the Wild Ride *LIVE* with Dj Wild Walt. This 365 Radio Network exclusive show is a 3 hour Wild Ride of the best tunes around. >>>         <<< Every Thursday at 7pm est catch the Metal Seductress Show *LIVE* with DJ Peggy Murphy. This 365 Radio Network exclusive airing show is a 3 hour hour show with a awesome variety of music guaranteed to rock you the whole 3 hours long. >>>         <<< Every Friday at 6pm est The Mental Metal Show airs *LIVE* with Dj Metal God and Dj Wild Walt. Get ready for this exclusive 365 Radio Network show and prepare to crank it up and rip the knob off. >>>         <<< Saturdays at 4pm est check out our newest added exclusive 365 Radio Network show called Cailin's Smokin Hot Tunes with Dj Cailin *Live* from Ireland. This is a 3 hour show that you definetly dont want to miss... Tootles >>>

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About Us

About Us

The 365 Radio Network is not your average internet radio station… We strive to create a network that is as unique as the artists we air and the listeners who tune in… Created by J.L. Hensley & co owner Sully McFly with the ideal to bring music to the world while at the same time getting up and coming Indie artists a chance to be heard…

So when you join the 365 Radio Network… you are not only joining a powerful network that strives to bring Indie artists to the forefront but you are also joining a family…where it is our passion to bring others dreams to life…

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