Interview with Maria Victoria Lewis of Indigo Darkpsych


DJ Wild Walt : how did that name Indigo Darkpsych come about? Maria Victoria Lewis : Indigo was my stage name from the year 2001 and Darkpsych came about when I got some band members with me after the Indigo Album was done. DJ Wild Walt : How long have you all known each other? How did you meet? Maria […]

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Eleanor Rising – Band Of The Day

eleanor rising

Eleanor Rising – Band Of The Day.Eleanor Rising is a rock band based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Within weeks of their initial meeting in September, 2011, Ryan James (guitars), Rudy Mallari (vocals), and Luis “Luiscifer” Carrillo (bass) formed the group. Everything clicked right from the start from their traditional rock roots to their similar musical goals that seem […]

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Philip Morgan Lewis – Band Of The Day


Philip Morgan Lewis – Band Of The DayLondon’s East End alternative singer/songwriter/producer Philip Morgan Lewis grew up listening to the records of American bluesman Josh White, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elvis Presley and the Beatles. His sound combines alternative rock, blues and folk influences. Philip writes and produces his songs. He sings, plays guitar, bass, keys and percussion […]

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Julie Lamb – Band Of The Day

Julie Lamb

Julie Lamb is all class, more sass and hysterical “funnerisms” wrapped in one feisty package. Hailing from Wellington NZ, by day she is the Principal of Julie Lamb and Associates but by night she is the lead singer/songwriter for The Julie Lamb band. Having dabbled in various musical styles and bands for “mumble” years (acts include Joplin covers band “Channeling […]

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On Top “Topless” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week


On Top “Topless” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week BIO: Philadelphia’s hard-hitting power trio ON TOP return with a new EP entitled Topless, set for digital release on July 9 via Toil Records. A release date for the CD version will be announced at a later date. Topless is the band’s third offering, one demonstrative of their continuing […]

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Invictus – Band Of The Day


Invictus – Band Of The DayFounded in 2012, is a 5 piece metalcore band reigning from the small town of Leicester, UK. Whilst young and new to the scene, Invictus have come together bound by a mutual passion of music and show promise of a great future with the release of their debut ep UNCONQUERABLE. Respectfully taking key foundations […]

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Steve Bonino “Peace Rocks” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week


Steve Bonino “Peace Rocks” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week BIO: A New York City native, Steve is the son of Roz Vallero, a professional actress. Steve’s father, Ernesto Bonino, was a famous Italian crooner who was very popular in Europe and who also enjoyed success in America. He was considered the Frank Sinatra of Italy. It was […]

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Interview With Mark Allen Lanoue


Interview With Mark Allen Lanoue DJ Wild Walt : how did that name Chasing Karma come about? and what is the story behind the history of other bands you have been a part of? Mark Allen Lanoue : Chasing Karma became the name for the band that supported the last BILOXI effort at ROCKLAHOMA 2008. It had meaning, in that […]

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Summoned Tide – Band Of The Day

Summoned Tide

Summoned Tide is a tight, melodic metal band from Robertsfors in Västerbotten, Sweden with influences from Uriah Heep and early Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween. They have already managed to get the name “one of the hottest bands from the North on the metal scene”. The band started in 2004 and has the same style of the band now as […]

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Johnny Wore Black “Walking Underwater Part II” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week

Johnny Wore Black +Dave Ellefson

Johnny Wore Black “Walking Underwater Part II” – 365 Radio Network Album Of The Week BIO: Johnny Wore Black, a stuntman by-day and a melodic rock vocalist by night. His new album called “Walking Underwater Pt. 2? is a continuation of the album of the same name that came out a while ago. This new release features Megadeth bassist Dave […]

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Poll Results For Top 100 List Ending June 14th 2015


Poll Results For WNDY Radio Top 100 Indie Band List Ending June 14th 2015 is as follows: The following bands below on the pictured playlist were the winners with the most votes on our WNDY Radio Top 100 Indie Band Poll List closing June 14th 2015. The winning bands have been chosen from June’s WNDY Radio Top 500 Indie Band […]

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Weapon UK – Band Of The Day

weapon Uk

From Weapon 1980 to Weapon (UK) 2014 – The Journey ‘Metallica opened its early live sets (and ‘Kill em all’ album) with ‘Hit the Lights’, a song that begins with a noisy two – chord flourish meant to evoke the opening of a concert. However, in a further illustration of NWOBHM’s important role in Metallica’s musical direction, the opening chords- […]

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Light The Fire – Band Of The Day


Light the Fire is a metal band hailing from Dallas, TX that made their debut in October of 2011. Their debut EP “Note To Self” quickly established LTF as a new band to watch out for in the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana metal scene. The lead single off the EP of the same title, “Note To Self”, was quickly picked up and received […]

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High Flight Society – Band Of The Day

High Flight Society

After releasing their national, self-titled debut album under Nashville’s RKT records in June 2007 and touring the country from Georgia to California to support it, the four guys in High Flight Society (Jason Wilkes, brothers Michael and John Packer, and Scotty Lockridge) had accomplished just about everything a young band could hope to. Radio success with songs like “Up Above” […]

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