Spotlighting Independant Music Worldwide

Indie Tube TV is an exclusive music video page for bands being airplayed on The 365 Radio Network. Unlike big video pages that seem to show everything, Indie Tube TV is specific in only airing Independent Music Videos. Our easy to use site is categorized into each artists name, ensuring no confusion in what your looking for, or getting lost in the crowd of unwanted videos. This is just another way that The 365 Radio Network is supporting Independent Bands and their music in 365 style.

WNDY Radio is a 365 Radio Network Station that is sponsors supported. With almost 900 sponsors locations nationally in all 50 stations, this station has a huge listeners base hourly ensuring that the bands choosen for airplay get heard. Another unique aspect of this station is that each sponsor location can vote on each song played. This ensures that we keep the best songs on WNDY Radio with high ratings and that our sponsors enjoy.

Eagle Eye Music Promotions is the exclusive promotions site for The 365 Radio Network. It will promote all aspects of the network, as well as provide services & resources for the independent bands.